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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chantix Diary Quit Day 5

I am still smoke-free!  There have been urges, yes, but I have been able to work my way through them unlike any other time I had tried to quit.  The Chantix really does make those urges bearable.  It's roughest for me in the mornings, and in the afternoons when I'm bored.  Being bored is the worst.  One of the places I had smoked the most was in the car while I was driving.  Now, it's just the opposite.  I got a nice cherry lemonade air freshener in my car to make it smell nice, and while I'm driving is probably now the time when I think about smoking the least.  Weird.

Before if I had an urge it would be so powerful and actually physically painful that I could not resist it.  Now when I have an urge it's more of an irritant that I wish would leave my brain.  I know I don't want to smoke, and I know I'm not going to give in, so there's no need to have those thoughts, right?  Makes sense to me.  But I still have them anyways.

I have to tell you how nice it is to be able to breathe.  Here it is 5:20a.m. and I'm tired and just yawned.  I could feel the air go way down deep and fill up my lungs.  What a nice feeling.  I also had a horrible wheeze.  When I laid down or anything I had this horrible squeak, or sometimes a deep rumbling every time I inhaled and exhaled.  Now it's gone.  Well, I'm sure I probably still have a wheeze deep down in there, but I can't hear it anymore.  Thankfully, because all that noise sure did make it hard to fall asleep at night! I am also coughing less and less each day.  When I coughed before sometimes it was so bad my youngest daughter would get scared that I was going to die.  

I still have not had any bad side effects.  Yesterday I was feeling very paranoid, but I'm sure that was because I heard my front door handle jiggle, and then after that I was super sensitive to every single noise.  So I don't think the paranoia was because of the Chantix.  I'm sure it was just me being nervous about being home alone.

So here I am, early in the morning on Quit Day 5, and I'm feeling pretty good about things!

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  1. Wonderful. Its good that you are documenting this too. So many others will draw strength from knowing how you felt.
    xx, Carol